Orthodos Fairy Tale Android Game[Revenge Wolf] will be available 25, December/Pre-registration ends on 24


COSEN Co., Ltd.(Located at Japan, Tokyo, CEO : Nishigai Tsubasa)announced new puzzle shooting game for Android platform [Revengwolf] will be available at Google Playstore on 12/25 and pre registration ends on 12/24.

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Revenge Wolf Official Site:
Pre Registration :
Promotion Video  :

RevengeWolf for Android is orthodox fairy tale RPG with puzzle shooting game
You can see the play movies from Gorgeous(
If pre registration is made before 12/24 can get special present “Champion belf from Papa wolf” for hero Byun.
Champion belt makes more attack damage more and helps stage clear.

※Not yet fixed for iOS version.

≪Story of RevengeWolf≫
There were happy wolf family in deep forest. Mama wolf, kids wolves, and Grand father.
One day, mama wolf go to hunting pigs for hungry kids. But defeated and killed by pigs.
Kids wolves decided to revenge to pigs for mama wolf and start journey.
Legend of Revenge Wolf begins…

≪About Game≫
Kids wolves journey for revenge starts now. Wolves should attack Inky pigs’ house desperately. 
Unleash Inky pigs using structure of building and many types of items There are 2 type of stages one is normal stages which is puzzle like play and the other is boss stage battle.
There are mementos from mama wolf in each stages. Your important goal is collecting all the mementos in game.
After stage clear, you will have a chance to get a puzzle piece of memories after stage clear.
There are 2 piece types, normal and rare. Let’s complete the puzzle by collecting memories of piece of mom wolf and kids wolf. If clear by more high score the possibility of rare piece will be higher.
More feature of game include ranking and recording play, so you can share your game play.
The play video will be available soon.

【RevengeWolf Spec】
Genre:RPG+Puzzle Shooting game
Platform:iPhone/iPad/Android smart phone and tablet
Price:Free to play (Iitem purhases, Ads in game)  
Service:25 Dec. 2014(Android), late January 2015(iOS)
Copyright:© RW Project / COSEN
RevengeWolf official site:
More information on COSEN Facebook (

【Company Information】
Company:COSEN Co., Ltd. (Brand:COSEN)
Address:#909 Hosokawa Building 1-1-17 Akasaka Minatoku Tokyo Japan
Estblished:21 January 2014  
CEO:Nishigai Tsubasa
Official WEB(URL):

Orthodos Fairy Tale Android Game[Revenge Wolf] will be available 25, December/Pre-registration ends on 24:

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