Apology about Android “Revenge Wolf” launching postponed


COSEN Co., Ltd.(Located at Tokyo, JAPAN, CEO: Nishigai Tsubasa) announced company will postpone launching of Android game “Revenge Wolf” to 29 Dec, 2014. which was scheduled to launch at 25 Dec, 2014.

 ”Android version” Revenge Wolf ”was aimed at delivery of 2014 December 25, but we found fatal error today and we need time to fix and test. So should postpone delivery of App.
We are really sorry for customers who waiting for delivery, and to everyone of officials to apologize and respectfully that it has become such a situation. We are working hard to this deliver game until December 29, and hope played at New year holiday season.
We really appreciate for your understanding.

【RevengeWolf Spec】
Genre:RPG+Puzzle Shooting game
Platform:iPhone/iPad/Android smart phone and tablet
Price:Free to play (Iitem purhases, Ads in game)  
Service:29 Dec. 2014(Android), late January 2015(iOS)
Copyright:© RW Project / COSEN
RevengeWolf official site:
More information on COSEN Facebook (

【Company Information】
Company:COSEN Co., Ltd. (Brand:COSEN)
Address:#909 Hosokawa Building 1-1-17 Akasaka Minatoku Tokyo Japan
Estblished:21 January 2014  
CEO:Nishigai Tsubasa
Official WEB(URL):

Apology about Android “Revenge Wolf” launching postponed:

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