“Don Don Castle” Game for Smartphone Now LINE Sticker available


Cosen Co., Ltd.(Head office : Tokyo Japan CEO:Nishigai Tsubasa) announced LINE Sticker from Smart phone game “Don Don Castle” on 4, June.


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Cute dot graphics character who speak black humor same as Game. Please use these stamps for more fun LINE communications.

【About Don Don Castle】
DonDon Castle is the game make a platoon with the many kind of unit and capture the castle that has been
conquered by monster. All game graphics is beautifully designed retro style dot graphics.
User can add or strengthen the unit, or can get special effects by organization of the platoon, such as proper use of skills and attack. User should fight strategically against monsters for higher level.

【About Don Don Castle LINE Sticker】
Title : Don Don Castle
Price: 0.99$
Publisher:COSEN(Cosen Co., Ltd.)
Copyright:© SOFTWICK / COSEN
Don Don Castle LINE Stamp Information:
On sale at LINE store:

【about Don Don Castle】
Title:Don Don Castle 
Genre : Casual Game
Platform : iPhone/iPad/Android smartphone and tablet
Language: English, Japanese, Korean
Price : Free 2 Play ( In App Purchase, AD)
Service Date:Spring, 2015
Publisher:COSEN(COSEN Co., Ltd.)
Copyright:© SOFTWICK / COSEN
Official Site:
more information on facebook (

【Company Info】
Company:COSEN Corporation Limited(Brand:COSEN)
Businesses : Entertainment Contents publishing, development
Address:Japan Tokyo Minatoku Akasaka 1-1-17 Hosokawa Bldg. #909
Established:21 Jan 2014  
CEO:Nishigai Tsubasa
Official Site(URL):
Twitter Account:@COSEN_NET(

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