COSEN Illustration Contest Event celebrating 5,000 follower on Twitter


 COSEN Co., Ltd.(Located on Tokyo, Japan, CEO Nishigai Tsubasa) will hold “COSEN Illustration Contest” celebration followers of COSEN official twitter account has passed 5,000.
Twitter Account:@COSEN_NET(
【How to apply】
1.Draw illustration of characters of COSEN’s visual novel game, Nintendo 3DS, WiiU title.
2.Please follow COSEN’s official twitter and Tweet Illustration with hash tag 『#COSENイラコン』.
※ Please don’t tweet the Illustration which violate the rights of others or contrary to public order and morality.
【Registration End】
2016-11-12 23:59 (JST, GMT+9)
Best She is Mermaid Mini Tapestry 1
She is Mermaid prize Mousepad of Ion 1
My Little Kitty prize Original novel of My little Kitty (Korean) 1
Tales# prize She is Mermaid Strap 3 types X 3 (a total of 9)
Also we will choose 20 people By lottery from the participants and present COSEN original stickers.
(2 types set / COSEN best game characters, Falsus Chronicle sticker)
【 Announcement of Winner 】
We will notify Winners at COSEN’s WEB site,Twitter、Facebook、BLOG and twitter DM to individual.
Also we will check address by Twitter DM.
【About using Illustration. 】
Illustration submitted for contest can be used as Library for NikoNiko Live streaming, Youtube, etc.

※ All other rights in this press release are property of each company.

【Indformation 】
 COSEN Co., Ltd. (Brand:COSEN)
 Address:Tokyo Minatoku Akasaka 1-1-17 Hosokawa Bldg. #909
 Established : 2014-1-21
 CEO : Nishigai Tsubasa
 Twitter Account:@COSEN_NET(
 Business: Sales, Development, Production of Computer Software.

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